Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course of Cosmetology?

The course is 1500 clock hours. Our school is in session for 25 hours a week so it would take 15 to 16 months to complete according to your attendance. Our hours are designed to accommodate students with children and for those who need to work while in school. In addition, the school is closed on weekends and all major holidays.

  • Cosmetology – 60 weeks (excluding holidays when the school closes)
  • Instructor Training- 30 Weeks (excluding holidays when the school closes)
How much can I earn?

The most recent NACCAS Job Demand Survey reveals that cosmetologists have dramatically increased their job earning power today. There is low unemployment due to a national shortage of licensed salon professionals. Factors that determine income include size and location of salon, hours worked and competition from other salons.

What are the career options in Cosmetology?

A licensed cosmetologist can work as

  • Full Service Cosmetologist
  • Salon Owner
  • Styles Director for a chain
  • Platform Stylist
  • Theatrical Stylist
  • Beauty Supply Sales Representative
  • Cosmetology Specialist
    • Permanent Waves
    • Hair Colorist
    • Make-up Artist
    • Esthetician

In the Industrial and Scientific Areas

  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Beauty Product Sales
  • Research Assistant

In Education

  • State Board Member
  • Beauty Editor
  • School Director or Teacher
  • Beauty School Magazine Columnist
What are the job opportunities?

The school works hard to place you but does not guarantee job placement. Many salons put ads on our Job Board in the school and salons make presentations to senior classes.

What courses do you offer besides Cosmetology?

We also offer a Cosmetology Instructor course which is 750 hours, but you must first have a Cosmetology license and salon experience. This course of study covers the areas of instruction, supervision and administration that may be assigned to instructors while teaching all levels of cosmetology. Please call for more information.

What is the cost of tuition?

Please contact the school for program pricing details.


Why is your tuition less than other area schools?

CTC is Lafayette’s only locally owned and operated accredited cosmetology school. We have always been committed to providing the best education at the lowest possible price for over 40 years.

You can find out more occupational information for Cosmetologists and Instructors on Use the following codes: SOC 39-5012 and CIP 25-1199.00


  • “I’m a very proud graduate. CTC gave me the fundamentals and allowed me the opportunity to take what I learned and develop my own style. I absolutely love being in the beauty industry. CTC is an amazing school, and I’d choose it all over again.”

    ERIN Q

    “When I was looking into cosmetology school, the only one that came to mind was CTC! I’ve known so many people who graduated from here who are well known and successful hairdressers! I definitley feel prepared for my career because CTC gave me a great foundation to grow from.”

    MACI K.
  • “Best school around! #proudalumni. I learned everything I needed for boards and was well prepped for my future.”

    JESS R

    “CTC is by FAR the best school in Acadiana. Amongst the highly experienced teachers, the respectful staff and the very well-trained students… it would be difficult to find anything in comparison. Highly recommend for both clinic work & career choice!”