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September 30, 2020

What’s Cosmetology really all about? Do I just learn hair?

Well let’s dive in! This is actually a very common question. Perspective students sometimes don’t even realize what all comes with a Cosmetology license! So let’s think of Cosmetology like an umbrella; under this umbrella there are many different things you will learn; from Skin Care and Esthetics to Acrylic Nails and Clipper Cuts. We…

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Give yourself a fresh look – even while Masking-UP!

While this new norm might not be the most fashionable, we surely found a way to make our face mask a fashion accessory. From leopard prints to rhinestones, face masks are a necessary accessory. So now that we have morphed into Superman and Batman overnight, what can we do to improve our look? I don’t…

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What the New Norm Looks Like at CTC

CTC has always put our students, staff, and clients first. We are a locally owned and operated cosmetology school. We pride ourselves on being a foundation school with a lot of one-on-one interaction with our students during their educational process. When the shutdown occurred, we had to re-evaluate our “hands-on” learning and make it more…

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5 Signs Cosmetology School is the Right Fit for YOU!

Are you searching for a new career that will give you options with your work schedule and open up many new doors for you in the future? Cosmetology is a field that is consistently growing and changing. We are constantly learning new techniques and trends that keep us intrigued and prepared for the future! There…

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