November 28, 2022

Careers Beyond The Salon

Feeling boxed in by your career? Let’s take a look at some outside the box uses for that versatile license you have worked so hard to earn! The cosmetology field is full of creative minds; we like to do things a little different. We will find a million ways to create the perfectly unique updo…

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October 11, 2021

How to decide on the right Cosmetology School?

Know before you enroll! So, you have finally done it, you have decided you want to go to Cosmetology School! Now it is time to start the search. Picking a Cosmetology school can be a bit overwhelming if you do not know what aspects are most important or what questions to ask. Remember you are…

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September 30, 2020

What’s Cosmetology really all about? Do I just learn hair?

Well let’s dive in! This is actually a very common question. Perspective students sometimes don’t even realize what all comes with a Cosmetology license! So let’s think of Cosmetology like an umbrella; under this umbrella there are many different things you will learn; from Skin Care and Esthetics to Acrylic Nails and Clipper Cuts. We…

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Give yourself a fresh look – even while Masking-UP!

While this new norm might not be the most fashionable, we surely found a way to make our face mask a fashion accessory. From leopard prints to rhinestones, face masks are a necessary accessory. So now that we have morphed into Superman and Batman overnight, what can we do to improve our look? I don’t…

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What the New Norm Looks Like at CTC

CTC has always put our students, staff, and clients first. We are a locally owned and operated cosmetology school. We pride ourselves on being a foundation school with a lot of one-on-one interaction with our students during their educational process. When the shutdown occurred, we had to re-evaluate our “hands-on” learning and make it more…

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5 Signs Cosmetology School is the Right Fit for YOU!

Are you searching for a new career that will give you options with your work schedule and open up many new doors for you in the future? Cosmetology is a field that is consistently growing and changing. We are constantly learning new techniques and trends that keep us intrigued and prepared for the future! There…

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