Community Outreach

We strongly believe that our school should support our local community by giving back as much as possible. In addition, we want our students to also understand the value in giving back to the communities they will serve. Therefore, Cosmetology Training Center has a long history in promoting several community outreach activities each year. Here are just of few of the many projects the school and our students participate in each year:


  • “I’m a very proud graduate. CTC gave me the fundamentals and allowed me the opportunity to take what I learned and develop my own style. I absolutely love being in the beauty industry. CTC is an amazing school, and I’d choose it all over again.”

    ERIN Q

    “Best school around! #proudalumni. I learned everything I needed for boards and was well prepped for my future.”

    JESS R
  • “CTC is by FAR the best school in Acadiana. Amongst the highly experienced teachers, the respectful staff and the very well-trained students… it would be difficult to find anything in comparison. Highly recommend for both clinic work & career choice!”