About Us

The Cosmetology Training Center was founded by Lora Moreau in 1983 and has been training professionals by providing them an excellent education in the field of Cosmetology for over 40 years. Ms. Lora passed away in 2022 but you can still feel her passion and tenacity within the walls of CTC and through the experienced and devoted Director, instructors and staff.


Jean and Brittani Pitre, the new owners, are excited to continue the legacy of Ms. Lora and are committed to maintaining the school’s exceptionally high standards of education and service in Cosmetology and expanding into Esthetics.

With Brittani’s 15 years of experience as an Esthetician and 14 years of owning and managing a spa, O2 Face and Body Spa, she is focused on providing students the opportunity to develop and master the skills to grow and succeed within the ever evolving beauty industry.


At CTC, we teach far more than basics in the beauty industry.We are equipping  the future leaders of the industry with the skills, knowledge and techniques to prepare them for success!


  • “I’m a very proud graduate. CTC gave me the fundamentals and allowed me the opportunity to take what I learned and develop my own style. I absolutely love being in the beauty industry. CTC is an amazing school, and I’d choose it all over again.”

    ERIN Q

    “When I was looking into cosmetology school, the only one that came to mind was CTC! I’ve known so many people who graduated from here who are well known and successful hairdressers! I definitley feel prepared for my career because CTC gave me a great foundation to grow from.”

    MACI K.
  • “Best school around! #proudalumni. I learned everything I needed for boards and was well prepped for my future.”

    JESS R

    “CTC is by FAR the best school in Acadiana. Amongst the highly experienced teachers, the respectful staff and the very well-trained students… it would be difficult to find anything in comparison. Highly recommend for both clinic work & career choice!”