November 28, 2022

Careers Beyond The Salon

Feeling boxed in by your career? 

Let’s take a look at some outside the box uses for that versatile license you have worked so hard to earn! The cosmetology field is full of creative minds; we like to do things a little different. We will find a million ways to create the perfectly unique updo and most of us stray from the monotony of your typical 9-5 jobs. So, let’s take a look at a few paths you could take with your newly acquired Cosmetology License.



Fashion Industry– The Fashion Industry has so many different avenues you could explore. If you are a fashionista who loves being involved in the latest trends and styles, take a closer look behind the scenes. Fashion shows, Runway Events, Editorial events or even Photo Shoots. Your job would include everything from hair to makeup to create the perfect look! The best part is it is always changing, so nothing boring about this type of job. You will need to be fast paced and energetic for this type of position. “Hello Starbucks”


Film and Television– From Commercials to period pieces dating to the 1800’s. Researching and creating these iconic looks will take more than just eyeshadow and a chignon. Hours can be long, Schedules will need to be flexible, you will work hard, you will travel, and it will be an amazing ride, so hold on tight!




Platform Artist– If you like the spotlight and enjoy showing off your skills, while teaching and inspiring in the field, this is the stage for you. A Platform Artist can be Brand specific, working for your favorite tool line or product line. This job will have you front and center, so never be short on energy or motivation!


These are just a few ideas that will get you out the salon and into a different work environment. While these options may not be for everyone, they are worth giving some thought. Other exciting options include being a School Instructor, an Esthetician, a Beauty Consultant with your favorite brand, or even a manicurist. There are so many places you can be without standing behind a chair! So, keep evolving and transforming- that is what the beauty industry is all about, Right? Remember your Cosmetology License can take you down many different roads, so hop in and find your own path!