September 30, 2020

What’s Cosmetology really all about? Do I just learn hair?

Well let’s dive in! This is actually a very common question. Perspective students sometimes don’t even realize what all comes with a Cosmetology license! So let’s think of Cosmetology like an umbrella; under this umbrella there are many different things you will learn; from Skin Care and Esthetics to Acrylic Nails and Clipper Cuts. We can safely say you will learn so much more than HAIR! From anatomy to color formulations, this license can take you so many places!

Let’s break it down a little more.

Hair. This is the most common area in the cosmetology field! In this portion of the program you are learning about all different hair types and textures. Did you know that not properly identifying your hair type can ultimately cause damage and over processing? (Side note: That’s just one reason it is best to ask your hair stylist for products that will work best with your hair.) Every different hair type will have its own lesson on how to work with and maintain it. Don’t forget about Geometry. From 90-degree state board cuts to 180-degree long layers, there is so much to learn in the world of haircutting. Guess what? We haven’t even discussed Chemistry and PH Levels yet. Needless to say, you will be very well educated!

Skin. Despite what you may think, a Cosmetologist can do everything an Esthetician can do. Yes! With a Cosmetology license you can work at a spa, you can do facials and make-up. You will learn the anatomy of the skin and how to properly do facial manipulations. So, why a cosmetology license over an esthetic license? I always say, “Why limit yourself, you are talented! Give yourself as many doors to open as possible?” The more you learn, the more you are willing to do in the beauty industry, the more money you will make!

Nails. This is a big misconception. YES! A Cosmetologist can also be a Nail Tech. You can specialize in acrylic, gel and shellac. You can specialize in this because you learn it within the Cosmetology program and you will be licensed to do so. Now, not all of the nail chapters are as pretty as freshly done gel manicure. Let’s not forget we have to learn proper nail care, so prepare your-self for nail diseases.

Make-up. Over the years Youtube and Instagram have made us believe that anyone can be a make-up artist! BUT, just because we see it on Insta doesn’t make it a reality. While their videos may be very informative and fun to watch, to get paid and make it a profession, you must have a license! This is where we come in and trust me, there is much more to learn than just “how to create the perfect winged-eye.” So don’t sell yourself short, get the license!

I think you get the picture now, a Cosmetology license can open many doors for you and if you are like a lot of us, you will choose cosmetology because you never want to limit yourself. You will like to have the flexibility and options to show off your creativity! Give us a call to discuss your future goals and we can help guide you!