September 30, 2020

What the New Norm Looks Like at CTC

CTC has always put our students, staff, and clients first. We are a locally owned and operated cosmetology school. We pride ourselves on being a foundation school with a lot of one-on-one interaction with our students during their educational process. When the shutdown occurred, we had to re-evaluate our “hands-on” learning and make it more of a “video-on” experience. We are so proud of our students’ and staff’s ability to change and grow with the changes to our not so normal new world. So, check out what we’ve been up to and a few ways we have adapted to the “New Norm”.

Hybrid Teaching using ZOOM and MINDTAP

None of us expected this drastic change! When we closed our doors on March 17,2020, we all expected to return to school in a week or two. Well, a week later our Director saw that things may not return to our normal as soon as we hoped. Working from home, we all came together and found a way for our students to continue their education. Within a few weeks, we were all on the big screen! (more like a computer screen and/or smart phone). We brought our students back to our virtual classrooms and introduced them to MindTap and their new EBOOKS.

Welcome Back to Campus

When our state slowly reopened in phases, we were able to bring most of our students back by offering a “HYBRID” version which allows our students to alternate days being on Campus and On-line. Our teachers did a fantastic job of adapting to these changes and attendance has been significantly higher!
We are currently back to our one-on-one learning environment and even open to clients so that our students can get the practice they need. So what does this “New Norm” look like… Well let’s take a look.

Temperature Checks/Health Screens

Every day our students and staff come in to school one by one to get a temperature check and fill out a short screening questionnaire.


We wear masks which have been somewhat of a new fashion necessity. I mean let’s see who has the cutest face covering – only in cosmetology!

Social Distancing

We are also practicing Social Distancing. Desks are spread out in the classrooms as well as the styling chairs on our clinic. That was a fun day with a tape measure!

These are just a few of the steps we are taking to make sure our Students, Staff and Clients stay healthy and safe. While this “New Norm” may not be something we were initially excited to embrace, we are happy with some of the changes it has brought to us.

Prepared for the Future!

Now at a moment’s notice, students can go-online if the school is down for any reason. Our instructors are willing and able to hold on-line Zoom Classes that consist of both Theory and Practical applications.

Ebooks and MindTap are now a part of our on-campus classroom learning. Instructors are using digital learning to make our classrooms more fun and engaging with these new tools. We are using Laptops or Chromebooks with MindTap software to enhance the student’s experience. Now you can read the chapter, watch videos, study with flashcards and take your test all from a device – and let’s just say we are saving quite a few trees!!

Cosmetology is an ever-changing field and we are happy to say CTC will adapt and do whatever is necessary to give our students the very best learning experience possible. I think we can all agree the “New Norm” has its challenges, but we are changing and adapting as needed!

School Tours are now happening In-Person with Classes Starting Monthly! Call to Schedule your School Tour! 337-237-6868