September 30, 2020

Give yourself a fresh look – even while Masking-UP!

While this new norm might not be the most fashionable, we surely found a way to make our face mask a fashion accessory. From leopard prints to rhinestones, face masks are a necessary accessory.

So now that we have morphed into Superman and Batman overnight, what can we do to improve our look? I don’t know about you, but just the thought of wearing a face mask all day has got me a little lazy when it comes to doing my make-up and becoming presentable. I mean, “Hey, half my face is covered, who cares?” Well I am here to tell you; you will always feel better by just spending a few minutes on “YOU” every morning. So, let’s put our best foot forward and try these fresh looks – Mask appropriate!

  1. Keep your skin Hydrated!

    There is nothing better than a healthy natural glow. Try a hydrating moisturizer, a good eye cream with Vitamin C and E to brighten your eyes, and let’s not forget our new friend, a face mask! The right face mask can not only make you feel pampered, they can leave your skin with long-lasting hydration!
  2. Groomed Brows!
    Freshly done brows are the easiest way to achieve a new look. Your eyebrows are the “Frame for your Face.” So, let’s take a little time to perfect that arch or give them a nice clean up!
  3. Bold Lashes!
    A good mascara will brighten and open your eyes. For a more finished look, add an eye liner and you are ready to go!