September 30, 2020

5 Signs Cosmetology School is the Right Fit for YOU!

Are you searching for a new career that will give you options with your work schedule and open up many new doors for you in the future? Cosmetology is a field that is consistently growing and changing. We are constantly learning new techniques and trends that keep us intrigued and prepared for the future! There is never a dull day in the field of cosmetology. Take a look at our Top 5 Tell-tale signs that the cosmetology field is the right fit for you!

  1. You have always had a passion for the beauty industry! From cutting your doll’s hair to being designated the “Go-To Person” for everyone’s make-up look for the upcoming prom. Do friends and family always say how talented you are with your new trendy hair styles?
  2. Take a look at who you are following on Instagram. Do the accounts typically relate to the Industry? Make-up tutorials? Color transformations? Skin care regimens? And let’s not forget all the “How To’s and What not to do’s” for everything beauty related.
  3. Do you enjoy listening to people, talking to people, and making people feel good about themselves? The Cosmetology field is all about listening to your clients, finding out exactly what they want, and making them feel and look amazing. A Cosmetologist always finds pride in knowing that they have done their part to change someone’s day. You have that power to make them feel and look great! It’s kind of like a super power, don’t you think?
  4. A Traditional Post-Secondary school isn’t for you? Have you made it to Graduation day and you are not looking forward to going to college? Maybe you feel that a traditional 4-year college isn’t the right fit for you. Has life not gone according to plan and you are looking for a new career that is fulfilling and rewarding? Want a more flexible schedule? Have you enrolled in college and found yourself not finding the motivation and passion for your field of study? Cosmetology school is different! It is a hands-on field that allows you to practice on clients. You won’t be stuck in the books all day because our program has a balance between theory and practical applications. Cosmetology school is a very energetic, upbeat field that allows you to be creative while you chase your dreams and passions.
  5. Job Possibilities are endless The Cosmetology field has a wide range of skills you will learn: Hair, Skin, Nails and Make-up. With a Cosmetology License you can own your own salon, work as a nail tech, do event make-up and hair for weddings and proms, or work at a relaxing spa. Maybe you are more of an “Outside-the-Box” person who prefers theatrical make-up for broadway shows, platform artist, or Artistic Director for beauty brands. Whatever the case may be, your options are endless.

If you are ready to start a new career path or maybe take the first step on a path that has always been there, contact us at Cosmetology Training Center. We will be happy to talk with you and help you take the next step towards your future!